HOLLANDAISE SAUCE: Cooking with The Giggles



Friends, family and freaks, at the very least, we can give you a sauce to get you through the rest of 2017-


We could all use some giggles right now.


So let's get saucy. Who's ready to eat?? One of the best basic sauces we should all know is the Hollandaise sauce. This mother of many base sauces, is one we can all use to create an easy, yet super tasty, warm blanket to anything we want to put in our mouth. And it's the beginning of and the launching pad for, your very own giggle sauce.


It doesn't matter who you're making this for... it is (almost) guaranteed to become a favorite. Where and how hollandaise sauce was created has been debated.


But we are here to tell you without a doubt that it was a stoned Belgium who happened to be visiting Amsterdam and ended up, one crazy night, in the Netherlands behind a stove in a kitchen trying to make food for people he had convinced he was a French chef. And the whole time he was making this sauce up – he was giggling.


The magic of possibilities can change the course of a culture when applied correctly. And this is exactly the magic of this mother of all sauces.


One of the best parts of this wonderful sauce is the fact that it takes few ingredients, and what makes it even better is that you can make it your own with your own special magic.


But let's just start with the base. The starter point. The launching pad. The basics.





Hollandaise sauce is basically 4 ingredients:


1. Egg yolks (Start with 4)

2. Lemon juice (1 tablespoon freshy fresh)

3. Eazy Cheezy Giggle Butter or Butter (½ cup melted)

4. Salt (A dash)

5. Pepper (A dash of white or cayenne or both, you crazy freak)


Needed, aside from the above: Pot to cook in. (Make sure it's not too small and not too big. Just right is what you are looking for. <always!> )


Whisk. Or a long enough fork that you can whip this into a universe without burning your hand like some amateur God/dess. And from there it's all in the wrist.


Hollandaise sauce is easy to make and even easy to screw up.


It comes down to heat and whipping. You need to keep it whipping and at the right heat. If you can pull this off, you are ready to sauce everything up. And down.


Ideally, if you have a double broiler to make this in, then you are all set. But for the rest of us stovetop chefs, you just need to keep the temp low/med and whisk the hell out of this.


So alright already, let's begin –Is your butter melted and ready? It needs to be so you can slowly drizzle <drizzle> it into your warm eggs.


Now take your 4 eggs yolks and your lemon juice in your pot and put them on a low/medium heat and begin your whipping.As you whip, drizzle.


Slowly add that melted butter to those eggs.


Once you add all the butter (don't even think about stopping that whisking!), add your salt and pepper.


At this point, you can turn the heat up to medium and whip it real good.Once the sauce begins to thicken, you can reduce the heat, then turn it off.


You just made Hollandaise Sauce Yo!!


From this mother of sauces, you can add your own magic touches, like additional cheese and spices.


Send your #gigglemore additions to us here at gigglebutter@gmail.com so we can try out what makes you smile.Now we hope we don't have to tell you a list of things to use this amazing sauce on, but here's a list any-hoots:


1. Eggs. (Duh) Add Canadian Bacon (Double Duh) On a English Muffin (Whaaa..Booom)

2. Waffles (Savory baby)

3. Broccoli (Gluten free!!)

4. BLT

5. Donuts (That's stupid. Or Voodoo...)

6. It's a sauce for giggle sake- use it like a sauce!! Dip your pizza in it or whatever...


Well, we hope this gets you through your next breakfast date. Remember, food is best served with a smile!

We love seeing your creations!

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photo credits: sheknows.com / azurestandard.com


Originally published in The Irie Times




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