October 20, 2017


Art + Cannabis stick together like glue... So much glue, I never want to stop! This is the new definition of "meditation" for me. I have always seen the activity of creating art (and crafts) as a relaxing brain-vacation, and adding cannabis to the mix takes it to the next galactic level. 


Dank Canvas was the first paint party for The Giggles and we had a great time. We attended the join-rolling tray event in Atwater Village at Crux Fashion Boutique in LA. Crux was a wonderful space with friendly staff. 


We were guided by Muralist, Jennifer Korsen, but also given the option to paint anything. I decided to do a little of both. My galactic joint somehow turned into a catfish exploding joint?! It might have been because I was high as a kite. 


Paint parties come in all shapes and sizes and can't wait to try out more!


Painting + Cannabis is definitely #SugarApproved!


We had such a fun evening giggling with new friends. #LetTheGiggleGuideYou


Check out these Paint Parties:

Los Angeles / San Diego - DANK CANVAS

San Jose and beyond - CANNAVAS






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