Women of Cannabis: Tawnie Logan, Executive Director, Sonoma County Growers Alliance


When I think about the cannabis industry, I immediately think of all the people who have sacrificed and dedicated their lives to get to where we are today. California has deep roots in the cannabis culture, as agriculture, and as herbal medicine.


It has inspired the creation of music, art, and a community service-oriented lifestyle. Who are the people continuing this ancient practice cultivating this medicinal plant with deep historical roots? Sonoma County holds generations of these plant protectors, also known as Cultivators.


As we fight to tear down prohibition and create safe, supportive regulations for this fast growing industry, we have to acknowledge those that lead the path and our community to represent and protect our local cultivators. Look no further than Tawnie Logan when giving thanks to local leaders who represent and protect those who have taken care of our powerful cannabis plant.

For 15 years, Tawnie has been active in organic and sustainable agricultural including the cannabis industry. Her commitment to expanding the education and implementation of best management practices for the environment and end user founded the Sonoma County Growers Alliance.

Tawnie has traveled throughout California and the United States educating cultivators, large and small, on responsible and successful growing practices.  She is a frequent speaker locally, educating a wide array of industries on new regulations and BMPs. She has presented at Elevated Cannabis Conference, Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Lift Expo Vancouver, New West Summit, Women Grow, Santa Rosa Chamber, National Appraisal Institute, REACO, Farm Bureau, Windsor City Council, and California Growers Association.

What is the mission of SCGA? How can our community support SCGA's efforts?

"Sonoma County Growers Alliance is a community group organized to educate, collaborate and advocate for patient, cultivator and community rights and responsibilities. The best way to support our efforts are by becoming a member and getting involved, we have volunteer opportunities ranging from joining a committee, helping at events, and also rolling up our sleeves for environmental cleanup days."
How did you identify the need for an organization like SCGA and how did you get it started?

"Farmers have been an under-represented sector of the cannabis industry for over 20 years. When we saw the changes happening across the nation from Colorado and Washington adult use legalization -- to California creating a regulatory framework for the medical cannabis community, we knew that it was time for farmers to work together to help craft solutions for developing a vital and diverse new industry. We need to active in cultivating our future."

What would you like to see in the future for the Sonoma County cannabis industry?

"We would like to see the values of the cannabis culture integrated into the newly developing businesses. An industry that works together to ensure a healthy environment, economy and safe community."


What tips or recommendations do you have for women interested in becoming a cannabis cultivator?


"Dig in, the soil is fertile and the seeds are popping! I know quite a few incredible green-thumbed women in our community. It will be wonderful to see their dedication to a healthy garden influence the cultivation practices in the cannabis industry."


What do you like to do to decompress from your busy schedule? How do you manage work/life balance?


"This has been the most trying year for balancing a personal life with the workload. I have to give all the credit for managing work/life balance to my patient and incredibly supportive family. My fiancé is the ultimate partner, father, and home CFO! Our teens have been the chefs, housecleaners and even my personal assistants for office administration. More often than not this year I felt like a robot - but it's the commitment we made as a family to protect and empower the good actors in the cannabis community that has kept me going. I have to say that practicing yoga continues to ground me, and that we are fortunate to have so many amazingly talented holistic healers in our area."



Written by: Sugar Laytart





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